6/21/18. My idea of a blog…

Hooked on Stephen King books and catching a movie or two every week.



No electricity for 5 days (so far)

3/7/18. In 2012 I started stockpiling candles. Now they actually warm my small apartment a bit. The power went out last Fri. FIVE DAYS SO FAR! Anyway. I cooked a hot meal today. Black beans, rice, margarine, minced garlic, seasonings. Tasted awesome! I never thought I would use that little stove and Sterno.


8/18. 4” x 6” sketchbook page. Bic pen. I put stickers over bad drawings so I don’t waste pages in my book. I no longer care about being art shows or stuff like that. I mostly dwell inside my drawing book – I draw on every square inch of every page both front and back.