Easter Bunny

I volunteer at a hospital one day a week. I try to get patients to try some drawing, painting, or coloring in a coloring book and then I make them some drawings or little paintings for themĀ  while I sit and speak with them. Yesterday, I walked into a room that had two women in it; a silent elderly woman that was sitting by the door and another woman that was sitting by the window. The woman by the window was not interested in doing any art but informed me that the silent elderly woman by the door was blind. After four or five minutes of speaking to the woman by the window I started to move towards the door when I saw a life-sized stuffed bunny on a table a few feet away from the silent elderly woman sitting by the door. I told the woman that I liked her bunny and asked her if she wanted it. She told me that she did so I placed the soft bunny into her hands and she immediately started petting it and telling me how soft it was. Even though that interaction only lasted two minutes I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Back to basics…

Since the last week has been filled with greiving it got me away from all of the nonsense going on in the world (politics, politicians, etc.) It’s not that those things don’t matter or that we shouldn’t be aware of them, but sometimes enough is enough and I need to just shut it all out. I’ve spent almost every free moment working on Life With Joshua and processing just how much my life has changed and will be different from now on.