My TV: R.I.P. (Good Riddance)


In 1992 my television broke and I did not have another one until 2005 when I purchased it used for $5 and used it for watching DVDs (I’m not paying for cable!). In 2007 I moved into my current apartment and found that I magically had cable (someone in the past hooked it up illegally). Well, it’s been 6 years and I found that I could not control myself and hated that I couldn’t seem to turn the damned thing off, so I carried it out to the dumpter and threw it in and I don’t regret it at all. I won’t miss my TV. I got caught up on all the episodes of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and King of Queens so I don’t really feel that I will be missing anything at all. I liked watching The Walking Dead on Sunday night but really…they could’ve condensed the 2nd and 3rd seasons into ONE season. The air smells fresher in my apartment, I’m not hearing the same 4-7 commercials every 10 minutes, I won’t be watching idiocy out of the corner of my eye while I read, write, paint, and draw, and I’m excited to begin (once again) a TV-less life.


2 thoughts on “My TV: R.I.P. (Good Riddance)

  1. How will you be indoctrinated by the far left that runs the alphabet soup networks. Fox news is a premium channel so there is nothing left worthwhile.
    I have Netflix and Blaze TV. An hour a night every second day is sufficient to keep us entertained.

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