A majority of Americans are athletes in training


I am always hearing about this or that study showing that a majority of Americans are overweight and they always put a negative spin on it. I think it’s encouraging that a majority of Americans are potential Sumo Wrestlers, don’t you? Aren’t we told that we should all get more active and get involved in sports and stuff? The way I see it, a majority of Americans are just waiting to be given an adult-sized thong diaper and an invitation onto a wrestling mat.

Thank you,
Chris Francz

Broken Bones – “Wealth Rules” (1983)

Every Sunday at 5pm (the end of my work week) I leave work and go home to pack my car with laundry. On the way to the laundromat I listen to music cranked all the way up. “Wealth Rules” is the first song on the Broken Bones CD I put in. Broken Bones are loud, angry, fast, and from England. The music helps me get out all of my feelings of anger, frustration, and anti-socialness that I build up during the week. Sometimes the music works. Sometimes not.