When I want to look trendy…


I can’t afford trendy outerwear so when I want people to think I’m a stylish person I just tape a North Face logo on my clothing. People walk up to me and literally hand me money because they think I’m so stylish.


Go home, Beatles!

We beat back other British Invasions, I don’t know why we didn’t try again when that Invasion brought us The Beatles and with it the collective delusion that The Beatles were something special. Now we’ve got to hear “I Want to Hold Your Hand” every time we buy toilet paper and frozen pizza.

OFF! – “Wiped Out”

OFF! – “Wiped Out” (2012)

Keith Morris was the first singer for Black Flag (1979) before forming Circle Jerks. OFF! Has been around for 3-4 years and is his return to raw, primal punk very reminiscent of Black Flag. Keith is older than King Tut and he can still kick the ass of every single skinny jean-wearing, eyelined, emo swoop haired, punk wannabe with a big record contract and a tour bus writing songs about not being able to get girls in order to get more girls. Keith Morris is the real deal. And by the way, poseurs: it’s punk ROCK, not punk rawk.