Remnant of Seven Bridges Road and a chance-in-a-million meeting!



Today I was walking along where the train ran along the Brodhead Creek. I walked further past the Interstate 80 overpass and met Ed, a man about 25 years older than me. He was researching the original location of Seven Bridges Road. I learned that this bridge in Minisink Hills was part of that road (the road is now called Post Office Road because there used to be a post office on it). We got to talking about the area and he mentioned Hillside Drive. I told him that I lived there since 1994 and it turns out he knows Willie Schmitt whose father built Schmitt’s Mountain Rest in the 1940’s. It’s now called Pierce’s Landing and has been an apartment complex since 1994. Hopefully I will be able to meet Mr. Schmitt and get some more info and maybe even photos of the old resort. I exchanged contact info with Ed and we’re going to keep in touch. I wasn’t even going to go walking this route today because it looked like rain. If I hadn’t gone walking, or started walking 15 minutes later I would have never met Ed. I am hoping that we will be able to share some valuable historical information. Thanks, Ed!
More at Creepy Minisink


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