Random conversation…

When I was paying for some art supplies the cashier told me, “my 17 year old son paints and draws really well and is really good at art but he doesn’t do anything with it.” I asked her why her son just having the ability to make art is not enough. I explained to her that her son being able to find happiness by creating art is a good thing and that he is doing something with his art…he’s making it! I knew that she meant she wanted her son to make money with his art and explained to her that maybe he will…if he chooses to and that it’s better he’s making art than spending all day playing video games. I don’t understand why so many people believe that someone’s artistic ability is only validated or worthwhile if they’re making money from it. Some people just like to make art or play guitar or write poetry or play piano or cook or knit just for the happiness and peace it brings them. Shouldn’t that be enough? Not everyone is looking to make a buck from something that makes them happy.


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