Cat problem…






6/4/14. Buddy. It seems pretty hopeless that I will ever be able to get Buddy into a carrier or to go into the trap so I can take him to get neutered. He’s too smart to walk into either thing. I got a dewormer and flea and tick medicine for him. As he started to eat the food with the dewormer in it I petted him and squeezed a pouch of flea meds onto the back of his neck. As soon as he felt the liquid he took off at 100mph. I put the can of food under a truck where someone else feeds him. When I went out awhile later to see if he came back to eat the food another cat (maybe feral too) was eating the food and took off when he or she saw me without eating much of the food. An hour or too I checked if Buddy had come back. All the food in the can was gone but I don’t know if Buddy or the other cat ate it. The trap closes too easily when he inspects the outside of it and he won’t even go near the carrier if I am in his sight. The landlord, understandibly does not want any cats around and I can’t adopt him and definitely don’t want him wandering around helping to produce who knows how many litters. I am at a loss of what to do. Maybe I am trying to recreate my relationship with Joshua (1994 – March 18, 2013) with a feral cat that could never truly be mine. I just feel extremely compelled to do something for Buddy.


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