Start to finish…

Guy I drew at Starbucks in Stroudsburg, PA.

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Some stuff from this week…

art729141 art729142 art729143 art729144 art729145 art729146 art729147 art729148


Oh, well, I guess I will just dump all this stuff into one post. I am on Instagram and Tumblr. But really, how much of this social media stuff do we really need anyway?

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To all employees…

I think one of the worst mistakes any employee can make is believing they are an extremely important, integral part of the machine for which he or she works and is therefore owed heaping measures of gratitude and appreciation. Wrong. You are easily replaceable and even more easily forgettable and your paycheck is more than enough to cover the gratitude and appreciation you desire because your employer owes you nothing more than your wages. Employees, come down off your perches and do your job well and be happy to collect a paycheck and realize that a paycheck is the only reward you are owed – go to your mommy if you want someone to tell you that you are awesome and the best person…like, ever.

Chris Francz