11/23/14. I do not understand why some people assume that a single person is single because he or she has not met “that special someone special” or that they are even looking for “that someone special.”

I’m single and have been single most of my life. I tried dating and didn’t really like it. Dating felt like something I was expected to do and I pretty much went through the motions. I was always happiest before and after I dated someone. I like being alone. People equate alone with loneliness. Alone is a physical position and loneliness is an emotional state. I can never remember a time when I have experienced loneliness and dating never felt like it was filling some kind of void, it felt more like a disturbance in my life. Dating felt like I was creating the impression that I wanted a relationship or that I was fulfilling a desire in my life and that I wanted to offer my life to someone on a romantic level.

When someone tries to matchmake for me they are wrongly assuming that I have a void in my life that needs to be filled.

I have tons of great social interactions at work, my part-time job, Art Day With Chris, and volunteering at a senior home. My evenings and days off are packed with drawing, painting, writing, reading, and chilling out. I never get bored or lonely. Three or four times a year I will hit a bar with a friend and we will empty two or three pitchers of beer.

My life is pretty fulfilling!

When someone tries to matchmake for me they are assuming I am unfulfilled and need more in my life and that they are the one to fulfill what they perceive is a need in my life.

I realize, at my age, that I am quite out of step because I have never experienced cheating, breaking up, adultery, and divorce but so be it. I am quite happy that I have never had the desire to experience the type of life that offers all of those things, but, oh, well.

Maybe I am completely full of shit. I often wonder what life on the other side is like (in the same way that I wonder about time traveling) but from my brief dabbling in it I found it severely lacking and not for me.

Successful relationships should be applauded and so should successful single lives.

Matchmaking is like dabbling in the occult. There’s always a pretty good chance that evil of an unspeakable, immeasurable nature will be let through doors that can never be closed again.


Eleanor & Park

Just finished reading it. Takes place in 1986. Two misfits. Love story. High School. Comic books. Punk rock. Bittersweet. Endearing. Dreamworks purchased the movie rights. Read it! I loved it!