Yesterday and today…

I’ve been stuck on thoughts about how so many people (mostly older than me) always talk about how things were so much better a long time ago and refuting each and every thing. It’s not that I am trying to be negative, I just like to examine things. Like when people say “when I was younger we wrote real letters to each other we didn’t just Facebook or Tweet each other.” Well, that’s because you didn’t have Facebook or Twitter and if you did you wouldn’t have written many real letters at all. Stuff like that. Or, “when I was young they made nicer cars that were sturdy and were made of chrome and steel.” Yes, but that’s only because the auto industry didn’t have the technology to build cars from cheap plastic and fiberglass.

Christmas rambling

12/20/14. I don’t really watch TV, I just listen while painting. I know the world economy is held together by people buying crap they don’t really need but I am really sick and tired of commercial after commercial trying to convince people that their Christmas will be awesome if they buy jewelry, cars, new smartphones, computers, and toys. I’ll concede the toys thing because it’s great to see young kids happy with new toys but how much are adults and commercials convincing kids that will soon be adults that more and more and more stuff equals more and more and more happiness? I don’t even want anything for Christmas. I keep trying to find happiness in “stuff” but I keep failing. I thought I could express what I wanted to in this point but I think I failed. Even though I won’t be doing anything Christmasy, I still like to listen to / half watch Christmas-themed shows on Lifetime, LMN, and ION. I like to listen to / half watch improbable romances blossoms, street Santas that whisper psychic-like words of wisdom to shocked cute young couples, and miserable lives turned around just in time for Christmas and wonder what it must be like. Me? I’ll be working, painting or pulling out nose hairs out with my fingers. I get the roots that way. So what?