Purchasing toilet paper

Whenever I buy toilet paper I always feel a little embarrassed when the cashier has to touch it and put it in a bag for me. I always want to say, “ Um, sorry, that’s not for me.” I just don’t like having some stranger involved in even the earliest stages of what I am purchasing that toilet paper for.

(from my zine, Trinket #7 which will be out later this winter)



I was going to color these and maybe I will but that may ruin them not that I didn’t already ruin the paper just by drawing on them. Sometimes I don’t know what to do at home or I am just trying to escape from the things that I should be doing so I make artist trading cards knowing I will probably never trade them and just put them in my book with hundreds of other atcs that I have made. If you want to see  A LOT more of my artist trading cards you can go to www.chrisfrancz.comart127141

Sometimes I actually trade artist trading cards with people…


I have traded hundreds of atcs but mostly when I am with a person and we are making atcs at the same time. If you’re interested in doing some trades just contact me.

All of my artwork and stuff is at www.chrisfrancz.com