Phewey on art show(manship)s…

<p>3/31/15. So, yesterday I brought like 45 paintings to a place to be hung for a show this Saturday. I didn’t really like seeing most of the stuff outside of my apartment since I did not paint any of the things to show off in art shows and I don’t think there’s much value in a majority of it. I feel uncomfortable having my stuff on walls like “look at me everybody!” I just paint because there’s nothing else to do and it’s enjoyable most of the time. At this moment I really wish I didn’t invite people to the show because I feel bad they’ll sacrifice their time and gas to come. I’m not trying to get pity or encouragement, it’s just that I don’t think I’m an art show kinda guy. I just make things for myself and I like to encourage others to try to make art and find fulfillment from it. I’m thinking this will be the last time I do this kind of art show thing. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity though.</p>


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