I am completely overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, pissed, and seeing the flames peak out from the edges of every door I can open which lead to other options in life. There has to be more to life than work, 2 hours of fitful sleep every night and only finding peace by spending 2 hours outside every day making a painting with aching joints and an aching back. Sometimes when I am outside painting I hope someone will sneak up behind me and put a bullet in the back of my head before stealing my wallet and then getting mad at me because it contains only two crumpled dollar bills and year old wrinkled Walmart reciepts. My killer would probably then kick my lifeless body in anger. I guess that’d be better than being strangled cuz when you’re strangled your bowels and bladder release and that’s pretty embarassing. He was born, he died, then shit and pissed himself. 


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