More sketchbook stuff…


All of my artwork since last 2002 is at

It’s been a whirlwind year so far and the last two weeks have been especially tumultuous with so much up in the air and finding myself drawing in town every single day because I did not want to be home alone with my thoughts. I’ve learned a lot about myself and drawing and art and stuff like that. I’ve challenged myself and chose to not just take the easy route when it comes to art. Some of the backs of buildings that I’ve drawn were fun to draw but challenging in that I did not use a pencil to sketch them first and I drew them all while at the actual location sitting on a stump, a cinder block, or a chair I asked a dishwasher if I could borrow.


2 thoughts on “More sketchbook stuff…

    • Thank you. I find WordPress very cumbersome to scroll through and see new stuff from people I follow. I really like Tumblr and Flickr more but will stay on WordPress too.

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