Random things from the sketchbook…

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When I was between jobs for a few weeks I spent so much time filling page after page in my sketchbook. Now that I am settled into a new job and my schedule varies from week to week and day to day I haven’t been as consistent when it comes to drawing in my sketchbook and art in general. For a good  week or two I was consumed with drawing the backs  of buildings in downtown Stroudsburg, PA. I think that at a time in my life where there was no structure, documenting structures interested me for reasons a therapist could better explain that I could. Over the last  week I finished a 12-page comic called “The Moths” and it’s the first comic that I have completed in over a decade. Over the next week I will have a new issue of Room 15 Illustrated Stories to take to the printer. The last issue came out in the fall of 2001.

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