10/28/15 Listening to tonight

10/28/15. Listening to tonight…
1. Misfits “Project 1950” Who cares if Danzig is not in the band anymore? Not me. Covers of songs from the 1950’s to early 1960’s.
2. Nardcore – A compilation of hardcore bands from Oxnard & neighboring lands (Mystic Records, 1984). I originally purchased this on vinyl in the fall of 1985. This set my standards for punk rock pretty high and is pretty much the reason I have not liked that many punk or hardcore bands after the mid to late 1980’s. 
3. Quiet Riot “Metal Health” This was what I listened to non-stop during the fall of 1984 which was my senior year in high school. I got invited to my first beer party on Halloween by older kids who drank and smoked pot. I think they liked me because I could draw and paint. I was naive and thought it would be a costume party. I spent 2 weeks making this mask out of sheet metal and made a pretty exact copy to wear to the party. When I got to the party no one had costumes on. I took my mask off, left it on a couch, had a beer and never saw the mask again. I never took a photo of it. 


Horror Movies

Horror Movies By Chris Francz

Every year around this time I watch horror movie marathons on cable channels. Granted, I don’t find any of the movies horrifying, meaning they do not scare me in the slightest. And I guess I should tell you that I only half-watch them. I am usually doing something else like drawing or practicing yo-yo. But anyway. Here are 3 things about horror movies that I find way, way overdone almost to the point of ridiculousness. 

1. All horror movies feature at least one character closing a bathroom medicine cabinet or glancing up at a mirror and seeing someone in the mirror standing right behind them.

2. All horror movies feature at least one female character in the shower. The power usually goes out during her shower. Is this done for sex appeal as well as foreshadowing? Like, you get clean, girl cuz you’re soon gonna be covered with blood. I think it’s a total male fantasy thing: She just took a shower, she’s naked, the lights are out, she can’t see my face, maybe this will improve the odds that she’ll make out with me.

3. All horror movies feature at least one character seeing the word “REDRUM” crudely written on a wall. I’ve seen this in way too many movies. Enough already.

My favorite Halloween / Scary / Horror Movies: 

1. The Shining 

2. Friday the 13th (the original)

3. Halloween (the original) Thank you. 

Happy Halloween.