Wishing you all a great 2016

12/30/15. 2015 was just another year I spent lost in space. Drastic job changes and liking each new job less than the previous one. I did manage to make a handful of new art zines and 2 new issues of Room 15. I can’t believe an entire year went by and I did not do one single real painting, meaning something large and on canvas. One minute it was January 2015, then all of a sudden it was September and now tomorrow the year ends.






This is the 3rd Christmas since Joshua passed away. I was just looking at my album with all of my photos of him in it. I miss him so much and still cry because I love him so much. We lived together for almost 19 years. He added so much to my life. He made my apartment feel like a home. Now it’s just a place where I sleep and keep my stuff. Please go hug your furry friend(s) or whoever is handy. No one knows how long they will be around. 


Throwback Christmas

These photos of me were taken on Christmas at my nana and papa’s house in Union, NJ. I did not plan to post them but when I was doing something else on the computer I saw them very close together so…

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DKIII (I love comic books!)

12/16/15. I don’t buy any monthly comic books but when I found out Frank Miller was writing DKIII, a new Batman book, I actually got pretty excited. It’ll probably only last 6 issues but I will be making a monthly trek to the Gamers Edge in Stroudsburg, PA to pick up new issues. Frank Miller’s 1986 comic book series, The Dark Knight Returns is solely responsible for the darker edged Batman so popular in the movies today. The Dark Knight Strikes Again came out years after that and that was…okay. I wish Frank Miller was also doing the pencilling but that’s okay since my second all-time favorite inker, Klaus Janson is back. I briefly looked through the book but it’s now back in the bag. I have to read and devour the visual aspects of it at exactly the right time since this series is not some run of the mill funny book.