What happened to Marvel Comics?

I’ve been a comic book fan since childhood. Especially Marvel Comics. The other day I picked up a magazine which featured all the Marvel Comics that would be coming out until February 2016. What was once an extremely innovative comic book publisher is no longer very innovative at all. What they now do, instead of creating new and exciting superheroes, is take their most popular established superheroes and give them multiple comic books each month. When I looked at the Marvel Comics in the magazine and on the shelf of the comic book shop where I got it, it was like it was 1984 again because most of the comic books covers featured pretty much the same superheroes that were on the covers of Marvel Comics in the early 1980’s! Marvel Comics pretty much started dying when the creative team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby broke up around 45 years ago. Even the movies made out of Marvel Comics feature characters that were almost exclusively created before 1975! No, I don’t buy Marvel Comics anymore. If there’s a series I am interested in I will wait until it’s available used for $3 on Amazon in trade paperback form. It’s sad that what was once such an innovative comic book publisher can now only exist by feeding off the innovation it once had almost a half century ago. It gives the word comiCON new meaning.


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