Harmonica time


So, I have these 2 harmonicas and I find them to be great stress relievers. I play about 2 hours total every day. I have some books that teach songs but I am not really into memorizing notes because it stresses me out. I find the happiness comes from building my own riffs and stringing them together. Two old very influential blues musicians, Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter get me totally stoked because they were real innovators with their harmonica. At first I would try to copy them but that is pointless because I would rather just do my own thing (and I could never be that good anyway). I think if I just play in a way that comes naturally to me while always keeping an open ear to great players with time I will develop my own style. Despite being depressed and angst-ridden most of the riffs I concoct are pretty upbeat and happily rythmic. I have two blues harps, a cheap Hohner Bluesband and a Fender Blues Deluxe both in the G key. The Hohner is quieter and better at home because I don’t want to bother my neighbor. My $50 Hohner Special 20 is just too loud to play at home. 

I recommend harmonica playing to any of you looking for a relaxing little diversion in life.

3/29/16. May they suffer prolonged physical and emotional agony…

At work on Sunday night I set up for Art Day With Chris on Monday morning at 10:30. I locked the door as I have been doing for a long time and there has never been a problem with things being stolen. On Monday I go to the room at 10:20 before I clock in and find that the light is on and the door is unlocked and there are people sitting in the room waiting for me. My eyes immediately shoot to the counter where I left 2 albums containing all of my artist trading cards since 2008. One of the albums was gone. Stolen. It’s bad enough that I hate working at a resort and being a part of the hospitality industry but doing Art Day With Chris there since 2008 made it somewhat bearable. Having an album containing over 200 of my artist trading cards – almost everything I made since the end of 2014). Stolen. This angers me like I have never been angry before. I don’t know if my stuff was stolen by a guest or an employee…my wish is that the person suffers great physical and emotional agony for a prolonged period of time. I keep hoping that when I go back to work on Thursday my boss will hand me the album because someone found it lying around somewhere. Until then, my wishes and hopes are that whoever stole my property is suffering in the greatest way possible. 
This incident is just one of the thousands of reasons that I do not like 90% of human beings and why I prefer to spend as much time alone as possible. 

Luckily, I have photos of my stolen artwork and today I will get prints of them from WalMart but they are just as I posted them on www.chrisfrancz.com and not actual size so I can’t just cut them out and put them into the new album I bought last night.