Music time…or something like that.

7/17/16. My rather costly toys. Harmonicas. Fender Blues-Deluxe key of G, Hohner Special 20 key of G, Hohner Golden Melody key of G, Hohner Golden Melody key of A. Playing since January. No lessons. I’d like to get lessons but can’t find local teachers. So, like art, I love the adventure it presents. I get too frustrated trying to memorize traditional songs so since February I’ve been seeing my own little riffs evolve and trying to figure out how to string them together while learning how to add flourishes here and there is fun, difficult, but rewarding and very, very gratifying. I practice probably a total of 4 hours a day. I think I passed the point of it being a phase so I am kinda excited to see where I will be with my playing in a year. I still have a huge fear of playing in front of people and I’ve never done it because I don’t want to be judged by a screw up or something. It’s a totally irrational fear but irrational fears are what my life is based on. 


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