I sent a long distance friend some photos I took of myself yesterday. 



10/8/16. Not a real adventure


I put art supplies in my bag and went to Starbucks around 1:30. After sitting there and staring out the window for 20 minutes I decided to go to a movie. I never heard of any of the movies playing except Girl on the Train. I had an hour to walk around before the movie. I had no idea what the movie was about. I did not buy anything at the concession stand since what I wanted (large popcorn and large Diet Coke) would cost over $13.00 which is almost twice what I paid for my ticket. Halfway through the movie I thought I was getting totally lost but it all started coming together towards the end and it made the experience pretty satisfying. The Shining is supposed to be playing there for two days at the end of the month.  

Art class

When I teach this class I do not have a completed painting for attendees to copy nor do I have them copy the painting I am doing step by step. I lead them into the painting and then set them free and encourage them in a way that brings out each persons style and vision which I feel is much more beneficial to their overall experience than simply following a map.