6/14/17. A cry for help in a world gone mad…

 I usually have 10-15 of these little things in-progress and sometimes I completely finish them 6-7 months after I start them. What’s the rush? www.chrisfrancz.com



5 thoughts on “6/14/17. A cry for help in a world gone mad…

    • Thank you. I want to get back to some realistic stuff because it’s fun but lately my brain is just shut off and these little things are just a way to keep busy. Have you ever made or traded artist trading cards?

      • No, I never have. I think the size puts me off, but now I’ve written that, it sounds a bit weak! I’ve only recently started using a sketchbook at home and I revolt against that sometimes too. Perhaps T Cards should become a new challenge for me. What size are they?

      • Google “artist trading cards”! They are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. I’ve done over 900 trades since 2008. I cut them from food boxes, poster board, heavy paper stock, etc. I’ve done tons of trades in person and through the mail. I have several hundred that I made in an album on my website http://www.chrisfrancz.com.

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