I went to see a movie…

9/23/17. Will remember the late spring and early summer of 2017 as the time I spent reading “It” by Stephen King. It’s a gigantic book…a mammoth. I loved every minute I spent reading the book and many nights I would do the “okay, one more chapter and I gotta go to sleep…okay, one MORE chapter…” thing. The character development was terrific and I felt extremely attached to the characters as early teens and as adults. The story pulled me in and I felt immersed in it. I ran errands this morning and decided I could not bear to spend the afternoon at home so I decided to catch the 2:45 matinee of “It.” The previews did not do much for me but I decided to gamble. I REALLY wanted to love the movie. I understand there’s a lot of story to condense to just two hours and this was just the first part anyway. I feel the movie should have been billed as “inspired by the book by Stephen King.” There were too many made up scenes that had me making silent “what the…?!?!” expressions. The actors and settings were all terrific! The made-for-TV series from the early 90’s was pretty simplistic and lackluster but Hollywood did not hit a home run with this version either. If I had not read the book, this movie would not make me want to. Writing the screenplay must have been extremely difficult as they had to condense so, so much but making up new scenarios in order to condense the story kinda got me miffed. The movie was very dramatic but maybe some stories should remain in books where they can breathe properly. I’m glad I went to see the movie as it served to make me appreciate the novel even more. 

Memory Lane March 1, 2008

9/13/17. These photos are from March 1, 2008 at my first solo art show, or any art show for me since high school. Tom LeFevre, owner or Main Street Jukebox asked me to bring in some paintings to hang every time I came in to buy music. After several years, I finally said yes. It was a very thrilling evening for me and I was really excited to bring out 30-40 paintings to hang which never left my apartment in 5-6 years. I never made the paintings for a show, I just painted them because I liked painting. I even sold a few. This show opened a lot of of opportunities for me over the years and I will be forever grateful to Tom for giving me this opportunity.


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