Big Dump 3/23/17


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Two small paintings…


Almost all of my art zines and comics and some of my artwork are for sale in my Etsy shop:

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7/16/15. WordPress, it’s just like 2007 again. Brings back memories of MySpace!


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7/16/15. Some new artist trading cards. Doodles from work. I don’t really like WordPress anymore. The reader clutters the feed of people I follow with people I don’t know in attempt to get me to follow them and there is always some kind of drama involved with new posts from my laptop and doing mobile posts usually takes 15 minutes or more because I get a “failed” message for every single photo I want to upload and have to “retry upload” for every photo – sometimes 3 to 5 times so sometimes I just give up and don’t post.

The end of an era (sorta)…

art516151 art516152 art516153

From 5/16/15. Today ends the last of my 2-week drawing spree in downtown Stroudsburg, PA. Back to work tomorrow. I’m not a Starbucks rat or whatever they call it. Starbucks is right downtown and I walk out the front or back door to go drawing. Sometimes I draw people inside the place but Starbucks is the hub from which I operated and where I am right now posting from my laptop. I hope everyone has a nice day.

All of my artwork is at

All of my artwork is at